PITTSBURG, Texas (KETK) — KETK’s Neal Barton visited Pittsburg to help showcase what makes the small town remarkable.

This is the first stop during this round of the Small Town Live segment.

Neal and Pittsburg Mayor David Abernathy joked about how East Texas’ Pittsburg is spelled “the right way.”

Pittsburg has a historic center downtown that was built in the 1880s and two world-class museums, one housing an Ezekiel airship. Hear what else he says makes Pittsburg special, along with the famous hot links in the video above.

Neal met up with Niecy Baum, Pittsburg’s Community Development Coordinator, in Pilgrim’s Plaza who lived in the DFW area most of her life and said that moving to East Texas six years ago felt like “moving home.” She said Pittsburg is the hot link capital of Texas and the town has several orchards.

Pittsburg is a certified film-friendly city, which means that if a group comes to Pittsburg to film a movie or commercial, there are grants available to help. Hear more about the city of Pittsburg in the video below.

Baum said Pittsburg is home to several famous families and many are showcased on the local legends walk including the Pilgrim’s family as well as the Cavender’s family. The city is focusing on a beautification process for downtown. You can expect to see a mosaic mural on MLK Avenue and a new mural to highlight the hot link capital. The city is also getting a Whataburger in the coming months along with several other businesses. Hear more about the additions to the town below.

Perry Wilson, owner of Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards, named for the pines of East Texas, has wine that can be found across the state.

“We knew we liked to drink wine, my wife and I lived in Dallas, we had a weekend place out here and decided this is where we wanted to spend our retirement years. Had an opportunity to buy into the winery in 2009 and we did,” Wilson said.

Los Pinos has more than 30 wines, both sweet and dry. He says with that kind of variety there is something for everyone. There is a full restaurant on the vineyard that is open from Thursday through Sunday with live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Wilson said the winery is a good place to come out and relax, even for people who don’t like wine.

“The food is great, we have live entertainment, the vineyard views are nice,” he said. Hear all about Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards in the video below: