BUGSCUFFLE, Texas (KETK) – Along Highway 84, a few miles west of Mount Enterprise in Rusk County sits the town of Bugscuffle.

For years, “bright & early coffee and tea” signs were usually painted on the sides of barns and country stores and could be found in most southern states, including Texas.  

The only “bright & early” sign known of in East Texas is painted on the side of a small grocery store in the crossroads settlement of Bugscuffle. 

The store at Bugscuffle closed years ago and the faded “bright & early” sign is almost obscured by trees, vines and bushes but people regularly stop and take pictures of the sign. 

Incidentally, there are a lot of small Texas communities named Bugscuffle. Some of them are often confused with Bug Tussle in Fannin County. 

As of the last recorded census there were 13 people living in Bugscuffle.

KETK would like to give a special thank you to John Doss for sending in the video!