COFFEEVILLE, Texas (KETK) – Coffeeville sits in Upshur County and is one the oldest settlements in East Texas.

The town used to be considered the go-to place when people headed west from Jefferson. Back then, it was common for wagons to resupply there.

In 1845, people learned about the land, and plantation owners from southern states flooded Coffeeville and decided to settle there.

Then in 1852, a post office was opened and the town thrived that decade.

However, at the end of the Civil War, a railroad came through Upshur County and skipped Coffeeville. The town shrunk decades later, and the post office closed its doors in 1915.

Now, about 50 people live in the city. That makes it one of the smallest towns we’ve ever done on this show. And, we’d like to salute them.

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