EUSTACE, Texas (KETK) – The town of Eustace is roughly 10 miles northwest of Athens in Henderson County.

Back in 1900, there was only one resident when the Texas and New Orleans Railroad extended its line through the area. People started moving there to be closer to the new railroad.

The town was once called Jolo in honor of the town’s blacksmith, Joe L. Pickle. The name was later changed to Eustace for Captain W. T. Eustace, a Civil War veteran.

By 1904, the town boasted three churches, two general stores, a grocery store, a blacksmith, a restaurant, a saloon and a cotton gin, according to the Texas State Historical Association. Its population continued to grow and was given a boost in the 1970s and 80s due to oil discovery.

Many locations in Eustace were featured in a 2007 movie called “Fire from Below”, including a restaurant, a gazebo on the town square and a nearby private lake. Several locals were used as extras.

In 2017, a large and destructive tornado hit the city.

The population is now a little more than 1,000 people.

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