LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – Right next to Wood Springs and Lake Hideaway is the town of Lindale in Smith County.

The area was inhabited by Native Americans long before the town was officially founded.

A former Confederate officer named Richard B. Hubbard owned a large plantation on what is now a gated community called Hideaway. He was looking for a way to ship the produce from his land.

Hubbard convinced railroad officials to lay track between Tyler and Mineola.

Hubbard’s brother-in-law, Elijah Lindsey, opened the community’s first general store in 1871. Lindsey was elected the town’s first mayor a year later.

There are several stories on how Lindale got its name, but the most common one seems to be that it was Lindsey’s name combined with the suffix Dale, forming “Lindseydale.”

The name was shortened in 1874 when the first post office came to town. A year after that, the town’s canning and fruit packing industries took off.

By 1950, the town had a reputation for being the “Blackberry Capital of the World.” Tons of berries were canned and shipped each year.

The town’s population in 2019 was reported to be 6,011.

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