MOUNT ENTERPRISE, Texas (KETK) – Mount Enterprise is a small town south of Henderson in rural Rusk County.

The town got its name from the business enterprise of the Vinson brothers who settled there in 1832. The town owes its existence to the presence of iron ore in the area.

Charles Vinson though the old mountain near the town might be an iron mountain, and he wasn’t far off the mark.

However, the Vinson’s real enterprise came in the form of manufacturing and retailing. His factory made wagons, buggies, furniture, plows, caskets and a patented churn.

In 1846, the Mulberry Grove Post Office was established, and three years later changed its name to Mount Enterprise.

In 1880 the town had three sawmills, a hotel, two cotton gins, a school, three churches, and a population of 150.

Mount Enterprise’s population was estimated at 447 in the 2010 census.

We are shining a light on this particular small town as it is recovering from an EF-1 tornado.