HOUSTON (KETK) – A homeless man was recently reunited with his family in Houston after helping a deputy who was involved in a deadly fiery crash.

The wreck happened on Laura Koppe Road and Lockwood on Wednesday night, according to our NBC affiliate KPRC.

The deputy was following a suspected robber, then the deputy crashed into another vehicle. The driver of the other car died after the crash and some people were hospitalized.

The deputy was later carried out of his car that caught on fire.

“When it comes to a burning car, you go to that burning car,” said Johnny Lee Walker, who rescued the deputy. “I was thinking, ‘the car was going to blow, let me help this man. If he dies, he won’t die alone. We’ll die together, but let me get him out of this car.’”

Walker said he didn’t think twice when he decided to help, but he doesn’t think of himself as a hero.

“I’m hoping any human would have that much humanity for another person,” said Walker.

Houston news stations reported on the crash and shared Walker’s picture, and this led him to meet his family again.

“When I saw that video, oh my goodness, I can’t describe it,” said Walker’s sister Monica Collins. “We thought he had passed away.”

The man’s family said they had not been in touch with him since Thanksgiving, and they thought he was dead after they got a call on Christmas Eve that he had been stabbed in a robbery.

Collins and her mother had filed a missing person report and searched around the city, until they finally saw Walker on TV. Then they drove to northeast Houston to meet with him.

“He was telling us last night that he was even questioning his very existence,” she said. “He’s had a troubled past.”

A GoFundMe has also been set up to help Walker “find resources for counseling and a home.”