TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The 89th Annual Texas Rose Festival Coronation took place on Friday afternoon as the royal court welcomed their new Rose Queen Molly Louise Berry.

“I love whenever they choose the music that ties into each dress. I love when the orchestra comes too,” said Ellie Walker, Princess of Texas Rose Festival 2021. “But, whenever they pick each song for each individual girl, I feel like it really puts on a theatrical performance because this whole thing is a production.”

The 2022 Texas Rose Festival Coronation included dresses made by the designer, Jacob Climer. Each group of women represents different regions from around the world; Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, all worn by women across the state of Texas, representing their home city. 

“There are 59 costumes this year and they are all kind of amazing in their own right. All kind of wonderfully individual and you know I think the team that works with me did such a wonderful job this year,” said Dress Designer, Jacob Climer.

The gowns reflected “treasures” with detailed vibrant colors, gems and landmarks. Highlighting traditions from each of these areas as they offer their honors to the Queen. Many East Texans said 2022 is the largest Texas Rose Festival yet.

“It’s a huge unity factor. More people are coming to this year’s festival than ever before. So, I’m super excited for the parade and for all the community to come together and celebrate the City of Tyler,” said 2022 Texas Rose Festival Queen Molly Louise Berry.

After the young attendees to the queen were introduced, trumpets sounded, signifying the arrival of Queen Molly Louis Berry, the formal coronation of Berry as queen of the 2022 Texas Rose Festival.

Walker has known Berry since their very first Rose Festival in 2007 and shares the unique aspect Berry provides as an ambassador for the Rose City — her unwavering support for her royal court.

“It was just a universal chilling factor in the best way. It was stunning. She lit up the room- her dress, her face and her attitude on the stage and it really changes the presence she gives as a queen and that’s so awesome and such a great experience for everyone,” said Walker.

The Coronation is followed by the Rose Festival Parade beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday.

The coronation draws crowds of all ages. Each year, the coronation has a unique theme and extravagant gowns. In addition, there will be an intriguing story for the must-see event.

Rose Queen Molly Berry was crowned on Friday, with one coronation scheduled for 2 p.m. and another scheduled for 7 p.m.

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The Texas Rose Festival began in 1933 and is steeped in tradition. To catch up on all the excitement, scan the QR code pictured here.