TYLER, Texas (KETK) – One of the main parts of the Texas Rose Festival Parade is the flashy floats.

Around 16 floats were made by a Dallas-based company called Lone Star Parade Floats.

The float makers said they worked on their creations for a month.

“The Tyler Rose Festival brings us a theme for the year and then we start planning, they tell us how many floats they want and then we just start planning those floats. Each float takes about 2-3 days to construct and finish,” said the company’s owner, Roby Watts.

This year’s Texas Rose Festival theme is Secrets of the Garden.

The floats this year were decked out in butterflies, flowers and birds which fit with the theme.

“When a customer wants a float, we kind of design it with the different colors and the different options and then back at the warehouse we put everything together, kind of pre-stage it,” said parade coordinator, Erik Ebbenson.

After the designs and pieces are made, they are broken down and taken to Tyler where a crew adds the finishing touches.

“It’s a real team effort you see we kind of divide and conquer,” added Ebbenson.

Styrofoam props are hand-made by float creators, like huge roses on the floats that took around one week to carve.

“It’s a big block of foam and we have an artist that will go in and carve each one by hand and then we have a couple of ladies that will hand paint them and glitter them,” said Watts.

All the hard work comes together and becomes the beautiful floats you see at every rose festival.

The weather will be nice and cool for those who want to attend, but East Texans that plan to stay home for the parade, can watch from KETK.com and the KETK mobile app and or tune into KETK at 9 a.m.