ADDICT TO INSPIRATION: 12 months clean after 12 years addicted

Value Life

One East Texan’s journey in becoming clean has become inspirational. He’s now twelve months clean after being twelve years addicted.

Drugs take a toll on a person’s life, sometimes it’s the ultimate toll a man will pay.

But for Rece Porterfield, the value of life was worth more than the risk.

“There’s no reason he should be here besides God having his hand on him,” Gena Porterfield Pinner, Rece’s mother, said.

“When I was 20 I started doing hard drugs,” Rece said. “This is my seventh time to go to rehab.”

He currently resides at a rehabilitation center in Batson, Texas.

It’s not been an easy journey along the way, his life path taking a turn for the worst.

“I fell asleep at the wheel, hit a guardrail and went through the front windshield,” Porterfield said.

He lost an arm in the accident but lost a bigger part of him months later.

“My dad died saving a 5-year-old boy in our backyard. It got pretty bad after my dad drowned.”

Rece Porterfield

Rece became addicted to methamphetamines. The drug, slowly taking everything from him.

“It not only controls your life but everything about you. Emotional state, personality, physical appearance.”

But the damage didn’t stop there. The drugs targeting his family next.

“My mom told me I couldn’t come around the house anymore which hurt a lot,” Porterfield said. “I was always a mama’s boy.”

What Reece didn’t know at the time of our filming was that we had set up an interview with his mother to help him tell his story.

“I’m very proud of you,” Gena said. “You never gave up and we never gave up on you.”

That rang true even during enduring times.

“This last time when I said you can’t stay with me, you talk about tough love. It is tough.”

Gena Porterfield Pinner, mother

“With him having one arm he’s recognizable when walking the street and it was tough when people would see him at the store and message me, he was basically homeless.”

A mother wanting nothing more than to have her son back.

“I tried everything in the world, and that’s why he’s probably close to me,” Gena said. “He knows I’ve tried everything I could possibly think of.”

“Finally this last time I told myself, I’m not doing this again, no way, I can’t do it,” Rece said.

A faith unshaken, Gena reassured her son, it’s not drugs in control any longer and that it’s now God in the driver’s seat.

“Rece, when you watch this, I want you to realize you do have a purpose, God does have a plan in your life and it’s coming into focus.”

Gena Porterfield Pinner, mother

And Rece, now knowing the value life has.

“I’ve got a third chance at life now and I want to make it count.”

Rece graduated from his rehabilitation program in December, marking one year clean. He says he will stay there until fully confident that he can return home to Center.

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