Texas Governor’s Debate
September 30 2022 07:00 pm

Illegal drugs have a tremendous effect on our community. Despite the “war on drugs” declared decades ago, many East Texans are abusing drugs, battling addictions and committing crimes as a result. Even if you’re not personally caught in the cycle of abuse, you’re affected both directly and indirectly. Adults and children. Men and women. Rural and urban. Blue collar and white collar. This crisis touches every corner of East Texas, including schools, churches, hospitals and businesses. It also impacts our safety, peace of mind and public services.

KETK News and EastTexasMatters.com are taking an in-depth look at the problem and exploring solutions to it. We hope our coverage will help inform, enlighten and empower East Texans to unite against illegal drug use. Together, we can take steps — however small or big — to reduce abuse and help our neighbors stay healthy, strong and sober.

  • NO MORE METH LABS: Manufacture and distribution of East Texas meth has gone international
    Everyone agrees methamphetamine is the most serious drug problem in East Texas. Despite nearly daily arrests, demand is still high and so is the supply. Forget the meth lab of the past. It is now manufactured and distributed in a different way. But law enforcement is more determined than ever to stop it.

  • PAIN PILL PROBLEMS: Opioid abuse in East Texas fueled by Fentanyl
    The opioid epidemic hit East Texas and the entire country hard. Now, drug manufacturers are paying the price. While progress is being made, many are still addicted. And fentanyl is fueling a second wave even deadlier than the first.

  • DRUG TRAFFICKING: From the border to East Texas
    Illegal drugs are pouring across the Mexican border, often smuggled through legal checkpoints. Once taken to East Texas, they’re sold by dealers to desperate addicts. KETK News traveled to El Paso for a close-up look at how CBP agents make seizures that slow the flow.

  • JUICED: Inside an illegal East Texas steroid factory
    Few people think of steroids when illegal drug use is talked about. But KETK News discovered there is a thriving black market. We went along as the DEA raided an East Texas steroid factory disguised as a legitimate business.