LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Orlando Rodriguez runs an hour and a half news livestream show Monday through Friday at 9 p.m. in Spanish, all from the comfort of his own home.

He’s had a passion for news for a long time. Rodriguez was born in Mexico and moved to the United States when he was young.

“My first language is Spanish and I’m very comfortable speaking Spanish,” said Rodriguez.

He decided to take this path because he knows the importance of local news for people who just got to the United States.

Rodriguez said that he does local news in the beginning and then shares information from the internet.

“The message is always the same: go ahead, continue you are doing this good so go ahead,” Rodriguez said. “I really appreciate it and I’m very grateful with the people, because they support this program.”

Rodriguez has several sponsors throughout East Texas who support his passion for telling stories to the community. He runs commercials during his shows, many of which he has a hand in making.

Rodriguez said that the set up is very simple, “it’s not that fancy.”

If you’re interested in watching his content for yourself, click here to watch.