TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Tyler ISD’s Birdwell Dual Language Immersion School is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

“We go to the hallways, we make our declaration that it’s official Hispanic Heritage Month is here and we celebrate by dancing,” said Mina Naranjo, Principal at Birdwell Dual Language Immersion School.

Every year they teach students a traditional Mexican folk dance called “La raspa”.

“La Raspa consists of pretty simple steps in which you jump, you jump twice, you clap, you spin around, you dance with a partner,” said Alejandra Grijalva, Middle School Social Studies, Birdwell Dual Language Immersion School.

Middle school social studies teacher Alejandra Grijalva said it’s a great way for the children to fully immerse themselves in the Hispanic culture.

“Students dress up in a typical or maybe folkloric attire from their maybe their parent’s native country,” said Grijalva.

Mexico, along with Central and South America and the Caribbean are all represented at Birdwell School.

“We celebrate our pride in being bilingual and having access to different cultures where Spanish is spoken across all the countries in the world,” said Naranjo.

“Very excited to see how they feel part of this, they feel that their culture is being celebrated not only at home but here at school too,” said Grijalva.

Principal Mina Naranjo said she loves watching the students get involved with the dance and that they take an important lesson from it.

“I hope students take away memories, memories where they came together, they celebrated, they had pride not only in their Spanish and what they’re learning but also coming together as a community,” said Naranjo.

Birdwell School will be holding a month-long celebration in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.