LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — September is Hispanic Heritage Month and Ware Elementary is teaching its students about Hispanic traditions and cultures. Ware Elementary School brought a visual art presentation for students to learn about Hispanic culture on Monday morning. 

Students learned important traditions all while having fun. Mexico 2000, a dance school from Dallas, made the trip to Longview to present dances from Southeastern Mexico. 

The dances were inspired by the hot and humid climates and are a northern polka-style dance and a colorful Fiesta in Jalisco.  

Principal Faith Greer said she was excited for the community as they are a dual language school where students learn about different cultures and encourage students to embrace diversity.

“The goal is to allow our students to value traditions, rituals and ceremonies. And what better way to do it than having a visual art presentation like we have today?” said Greer. 

Families and students were welcomed to experience the colorful Mexican tradition.

Students watched different dances and had the opportunity to learn different Hispanic screams at the event.  Hugo Robles, a fifth grader at Ware enjoyed the performances and said it is important to learn about his culture.

“It’s important because I am Hispanic and I come from the U.S., my family is from Mexico and it means a lot to me,” said Robles. 

Ware Elementary hopes that after the performance, they will be motivated to learn more about their own ethnic traditions. 

The students were excited to see the mariachi dances and the other props of the performance. 

The school will be having another event to celebrate Hispanic heritage month, where students will sing and dance the traditions they’ve learned so far.

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