This segment was written for broadcast.

TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Stop me if you’ve heard this. Down south it’s an invasion of people leaving their country for a better life, invading another county and city.

Now, that they’re in their new country they’re being rude and won’t learn the language. The locals claim these newcomers down south are hanging on to their old culture and won’t assimilate. Many won’t even learn the language. They want familiar food and things like that.

The locals have even put up signs saying basically “we hate you and we don’t want you here.” As always there are bleeding hearts who say welcome anyway.

Am I talking about Texas? Mexico? You’re halfway right. I’m talking about Mexico City being furious at all the Californians moving to places in Mexico like Mexico City. And want to still act like Americans and look down on the natives.

As the late Southern comic Brother Dave Gardner used to say… “now, ain’t that weird?” Don’t believe me? Do a good search on Californians… Mexico. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

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