Editor’s Note: This story was written for broadcast.

It’s dad’s day this Sunday. Father’s Day. Blink and you’ll miss it.

We run nuts about Mother’s Day. There’s so much money to be made from it. But Father’s Day slips on by if you’re not careful.

Dad doesn’t say much. Most men have a hard time telegraphing our feelings.

I’m not a dad, but I sure miss mine. Call your dad for Father’s day if he’s still around.

You may be estranged. Call him. Patch things up for your sake. You may say “you don’t know my dad.” Call him. “But it’s complicated.” Call him.

All you have to say is you love him. Thinking of him. Wish him a great day.

This phone call will lift his spirits. It will also lift yours. Call dad. I’d do anything to be able to talk to mine. He’s been gone 12 years. Oh, the questions I have for him.

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