NOTE: This was written for broadcast and reflects the thoughts of Neal Barton.

This is impossible, but who’s going to vote to leave the trough?

It’s election season and you see the usual suspects on TV and you wonder if Congress has become an assisted living center.

It’s time for some new blood. You think?

President Joe Biden is 79. Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is 82. Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is 80. Democrat Senator Patrick Lahey has a broken hip and he’s in his 80s. He’s fourth in line to the presidency. Republican Senate leader Chuck Grassley is 89 and is running again. Running again. That’s a six-year term.

You have to wonder when is enough enough? Don’t you want to spend some remaining time with family?

Congress will laugh and say we have term limits, and they’re called elections. But, they know once ensconced, an incumbent is hard to blow out.

It’s still amazing how federal employees make about $175,000 or slightly north a year all of the sudden become worth a lot of money. It’s not written in our founding laws elected officials were supposed to step down after a few terms, but it was strongly implied. This job was never supposed to be for a lifetime. After being in the swamp that long, how much in tune can they really be with you and me?

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