NOTE: This was written for broadcast and reflects the thoughts of Neal Barton.

The New York AG is going after Trump and his family again for bad business practices.

If you have to ask the reason why, you’re not paying attention: “Orange man bad,” as they say. The main reason New York Attorney General Letitia James gives for going after Donald Trump is that it “feeds her soul.” Yes, she said that.

Same with the DOJ and FBI. What’s the latest? The latest is nothing. Now that the Queen coverage is off TV, the Jan. 6 committee is back on TV next week. What do they have so far? Nothing.

What do Dems have to run on? Supply chain issues, grocery store prices through the roof and gasoline way higher than it should be.

So, until Election Day they’ll be running on Donald Trump.

Orange man bad… and hard to catch.

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