NOTE: This was written for broadcast.

The football coach who led a brief prayer on the field in Washington state after the game won in the Supreme Court.

Newsflash: This has been going on since the 1970s when I played. It was always the Lord’s Prayer, 15 seconds long. It was really a prayer of thanks that no one was hurt or killed. Football is a brutal game.

The kid in Washington state who made a stink of this says he was afraid if he didn’t participate, he wouldn’t play. I had the same deal when I played. My offensive line coach was too intense. I quit going to Fellowship of Christian Athletes because I didn’t need another 30-a-week of him grinding on us.

I simply kept my starting job as tight guard because I made sure I was best. According to the Constitution, you can pray where you darn well want to. We can fight about church and state another day, but the state can’t tell us what type of religion to be or where we can operate. Especially this week.

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