NOTE: This was written for broadcast and reflects the thoughts of Neal Barton.

50 migrants were dropped at Martha’s Vineyard last week, and there in millionaire-ville, you’d have thought a war had started. Those elites couldn’t get those migrants out of their sanctuary city fast enough. Got them out in fewer than 24 hours, screaming about how they don’t have the infrastructure like Texas does.

Ever been to Brownsville? Eagle Pass? Del Rio? There’s not a lot down there. New York City whines when they can’t handle the migrants sent there. Another sanctuary area, DC, has called for the National Guard. The Guard turned them down. Migrants dumped in the sanctuary city of Chicago were sent to hotels in the suburbs, and they didn’t even warn the mayors.

It’s cool to be a sanctuary city and tell the national media how compassionate you are and how caring you are… until you have to be.

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