NOTE: This was written for broadcast and reflects the thoughts of Neal Barton.

In Aldine, near Houston, 79-year-old Travis Upchurch has lived in the house his grandfather built 100 years ago, for almost 50 years. Recently, the Aldine ISD has tried to toss him out of his house with eminent domain. You know, for cents on the dollar.

You see, Aldine has just redone their football stadium and they want more room for a parking lot, a parking lot which we’re told is never full. Then a great thing happened: through media, the story leaked out. The arrogant school board plowed up a snake. Little people like you and me got in their face. The 79-year-old man won. The school board backed down 7-0. Travis gets to stay in his house and arrogant politicians were reminded who is boss. Push back.

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