TYLER, Texas (KETK) — When BreAnn Benson was 7-years-old, she decided to start giving out bears at Christus Trinity Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler.

She is now 13-years-old with the same mission.

“My mother got a surgery in the hospital and was there for over a month and got absolutely nothing and I got really sad and stuff,” said Benson.

At that moment, Benson knew she had to do something and spread joy to adult patients in the same hospital her mom was in.

“You don’t think about kids worrying about adults, they just wanna go out and play and everything else, but her heart is so big she was more worried about consoling those in the hospital,” said BreAnn’s mother, Jeri Ann Summerville.

Six years ago they had 99 bears to donate and this year is the largest to date, 400 bears.

“This year we actually get to fund the entire hospital,” said Benson.

The reactions and smiles keep BreAnn coming back each year.

“I created this charity to give to only adults so they feel loved instead of just kids,” said Benson.

COVID-19 and flu season has not allowed her to go into everyone’s rooms to deliver bears personally.

“It deflated her a little bit because she was used to going into each room and personally delivering the bears,” said Summervile.

That doesn’t stop BreAnn from spreading joy and love one bear at a time.

This year she was able to give to the entire hospital and some emergency room patients.

She hopes to add other local hospitals to the list next year.

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