MURCHISON, Texas (KETK) — India, the tiger that was captured after roaming the streets of Houston, is adjusting well to his home at the Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison.

After arriving on May 15 and staying in quarantine, India is now in his naturally-wooded half-acre habitat.

India the tiger relaxes in his new home at Black Beauty Ranch. He was previously someone’s “pet” and made headlines when he was seen wandering in a residential neighborhood in May, 2021.

“India is a confident boy, and in his large space he is relishing in his freedom, and acting like the curious, lively young tiger he is,” said Noelle Almrud, senior director of Black Beauty, part of the Humane Society of the United States. “He already found a large log that is clearly his favorite, and enjoys stretching, scratching and marking his scent. He bounces around the habitat exploring all of the new smells and stalking his toys in the thick tall grass, illustrating his wild instincts.” 

“He is having a great time in his pool, particularly batting at the waterspout, and spending time exploring the hills, platforms and other enrichment– including a big red ball he ambushes as he leaps from behind bushes to try to get it. He watches his new neighbors curiously – tigers and a black bear from afar in their own habitats. He continues to thrive and is eating well,” Almrud continued.”

Authorities had been searching for the 9-month-old male, since it was spotted May 9 in a west Houston neighborhood. At the time, it was nearly shot by an off-duty deputy before being whisked away in a car by Victor Hugo Cuevas, who police allege is the owner.

Cuevas’ wife, Giorgiana, turned over the tiger to police after a friend of hers reached out to officials.

Cuevas was arrested by Houston police and charged with evading arrest for allegedly fleeing his home with the tiger after officers had responded to a call about a dangerous animal.