TRINITY COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — An animal was caught on a deer cam in Trinity County on Monday morning, and some people think that the animal shown is a baby bear.

A photo posted by Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace sparked a conversation with some believing that the animal is a baby black bear, others thinking that it could be a dog, wild hog or a coyote.

For those that believe the animal is a baby bear, they didn’t hesitate to say that its mother wouldn’t be far behind. On the right side of the picture, there is a dark figure in the brush, which some believe to be the mother bear.

Some residents report having seen bears in the Trinity County area over time.

In a travel article written by Texas Monthly in 2020, experts suggested that East Texas would be the next place to watch for black bears due to their successful reestablishment in the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

250 bears were imported to Arkansas between 1958 and 1968 and there are now at least 3,000 black bears in Arkansas, Texas Monthly said. Experts suspect that this has brought “spillover” into East Texas.

Black Bears are classified as threatened in Texas and the U.S.

Although sightings are rare, Dana Karelus, State Mammal Specialist with Texas Parks and Wildlife said that on average there are five to six black bear sightings each year in Texas. She noted that signings would normally happen farther north, along the Red River.

According to Karelus, anyone who sees an animal that is believed to be a black bear or other rare species in the area should take pictures and it is important that they report their sightings to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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