TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Caldwell Zoo fostered a cheetah cub from Wildlife Safari in Oregon.

The Wildlife Safari announced the birth of their 220th cheetah cub on Friday October 16.

First time mother Paca, gave birth to a single healthy female cheetah cub.

According Wildlife Safari, cheetahs held in captivity or in the wild, when they give birth to a single cub, the mother does not stimulate enough milk after the past couple of days of nursing.

The Caldwell zoo, recently had litter of four cubs born days before Wildlife Safari’s. The Caldwell zoo took the opportunity to foster Wildlife Safari’s single cub with a healthy litter and to grow up with siblings.

The team was en route to Tyler a few days ago and said they would update on the cross country journey.

The Wildlife Safari posted a series of videos on the cubs journey to the mother at Caldwell Zoo with the addition of her new cub.