TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Caldwell Zoo announced the birth of a Colobus monkey that was recently born to parents Theodora and Pamba.

The whole Colobus monkey family at the zoo has joined in with taking care of the newborn, the zoo said.

Zoo staff said Theodora loves to carry her baby close to her and allows grandma, Adanna, and Theodora’s sister, Paxton, to hold the baby while she eats or moves about. Father, Pamba, is protective of the new baby and is very attentive when zoo staff enters their building.

The new arrival is out on exhibit on warm days, so guests may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the baby Colobus monkey.

  • Colobus monkeys in exhibit at Caldwell Zoo
  • Adult Colobus monkey holding newborn colobus monkey

In February of 2022, Caldwell Zoo welcomed a newborn Colobus monkey to parents Pamba and Adanna.