TYLER, Texas (KETK)- There are some new additions to the Caldwell Zoo.

Two horned lizards hatched this weekend and zookeepers are excited.

“We’re like proud parents. We want to show them off,” said Yvonne Stainback, Curator of Birds and Reptiles at Caldwell Zoo.

It takes some work to care for the newborns.

Reptile keeper Braydyn Spradlin checks on the babies multiple times a day.

“They have to eat four times a day and be misted because they can become dehydrated quite quickly,” she said.

One of the lizards was named Uno and he was born on Aug. 13. The other baby hatched Sunday morning. They each weighed less than a gram, and it will take two years for the reptiles to reach their full size.

Unfortunately, the lizards will not be permanent additions to the zoo.

Caldwell Zoo is part of a bigger plan to help the Texas horned lizard population.

“We take captive adults here, and we let them lay eggs and then let them hatch here. We head start the babies,” said Stainback.

Uno is one of the first four hatchlings at the location, but they’re anticipating a lot more.

“We have probably 25 we think will hatch,” mentioned Spradlin.

The mother lizard laid about 40 eggs.