“Church” the dog is adopted by veterinarian that treated him after abuse incident


KINGSPORT, Tenn. (KETK/ WJHL) — A dog is finally getting his happy ending after experiencing a tragic incident.

The pup’s name is Church, and he was heavily injured in Sullivan County in February.

“It is the worst abuse case we have ever seen,” said Dr. Gary Andes of Andes-Straley Veterinary Hospital.

The dog was dragged behind a car in a church parking lot, and surveillance video captured the horrible moment.

He was later taken to a veterinary hospital.

“We are very happy with how he has done, but it hasn’t been an easy road,” said Andes.

Church had to receive daily treatment over the last few months, but now he is almost recovered.

His wounds have been healed about 95%.

The dog will still have scars from the incident and lasting injuries such as arthritis.

“He had injuries down to the bone that were extremely bad, that’s where we are still having some problems. He favors one of his legs occasionally and is gonna have to have continued medication,” said Andes.

Dr. Andes also decided to adopt the pup.

“They become yours,” mentioned Andes. “And that’s what happened to me, he’s become my dog.”

The dog also enjoys affection.

“He comes to work with me every day and goes home with me at night. He’s a big dog and he wants to be in your lap and that isn’t always possible,” said Andes with a laugh.

The pup has come a long way. At the beginning of his recovery, he had to be sedated to receive treatment because he was scared of people.

“Now, he’s a loving dog,” said Andes. “He is becoming much more trusting every day. When he encounters new people now, he isn’t apprehensive, he is friendly.”

Church is doing good in his new home.

The veterinary hospital is also grateful for how the community provided them with donations while they were caring for the injured dog.

“A lot of people have been struck by how bad this situation was in the first place, and I think it is very gratifying that our community pulled together and allowed this dog to get better and get back to normal life,” said Andes.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is also still following leads to find the person who dragged the animal with a car. Authorities received information a few weeks ago, but no one has been arrested.

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