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Litter of kittens found tied inside a trash bag reveal harsh reality of sick, abandoned pets in East Texas


NOTE: A photo below shows the kittens that were found with eye infections, which may be upsetting for some viewers.

TYLER, Texas (KETK) — After a litter of kittens was found tied in a garbage bag in Tyler, a local veterinary clinic nursed them back to health. This incident shined a light on a harsh reality for abandoned pets in East Texas.

Four kittens were found tied up in a trash bag and dumped on Lindale Industrial Parkway. As they fought to get out, a passerby saw the bag moving and went to go help.

This time of year, kittens can be prone to respiratory issues. This can be costly for owners, and it’s a contributing reason why they abandon the kittens.

Spence and White Veterinary Hospital nursed the kittens back to help, and Nicholas Pet Haven is housing them.

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Pet Haven

Doctor Gary Spence helped treat them and says they were close to the brink of death.

“I just saw the after-effects,” Spence said. “They came over here and they were in horrible condition.”

When they were found, the litter had both respiratory infections and eye infections.

“These two, we thought we were going to lose last night, and this how much better they are within 24 hours,” Spence said.

Lora Wagner works at Nichols Pet Haven and was there when the kittens arrived.

“You kind of don’t think that people could do the things that they do. Especially in a smaller town like Tyler, and they kind of prove otherwise,” Wagner said.

Experts want to remind everyone to not be too quick to try and rescue a litter of kittens because the mother might be coming back.

Here’s a link if you would like to donate money to the rescue center:

Nicholas Pet Haven | Facebook

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