INDONESIA (WJW) — More than 50 dogs were recently rescued from a truck headed to an illegal slaughterhouse in Indonesia.

Police in Sukoharjo and rescuers from Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI) reportedly worked together last week to help the scared animals, which were found in sacks with their mouths tied up, Four Paws International said in a release.

“The animals were tied up in sacks, muzzles bound tight with ropes or cables, eyes wide open with fear,” Four Paws said.

One dog did not survive the journey, and all of the animals were emaciated.

The police also reportedly took a long-suspected dog meat trader into custody. The move was part of the country’s first large-scale police raid on a dog slaughterhouse.

“The shocking and criminal events that we have witnessed as well as the positive actions taken by the Sukoharjo authorities must be a turning point in fighting against this outlawed, outdated, and cruel trade,” Four Paws’ Dr. Karanvir Kukreja said in a statement. “The positives we can take out of this awful situation are that law enforcement and campaign groups are ensuring that this illegal trade is coming to an end.”

Police official Wahyu Nugroho cited a government program aimed at banning the dog meat trade. “Because of course, dog meat is not intended for consumption,” he said.

People from Dog Meat Free Indonesia, which works to stop the country’s cat and dog meat trade, took the animals to a temporary shelter and gave them emergency veterinary treatment. All of the animals were said to be under a year old and most were stolen pets.

Watch a video of the rescue below:

DMFI said they plan to try to return animals to their families but will also put some up for adoption once they are healthy enough.