LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Remember the grasshopper invasion of 2019?

Swarms of locusts invaded Las Vegas at the end of July 2019, taking over the strip and blotting out streetlights, and now they may be returning.

“They were just chirping and chirping and chirping at a very shrill level,” said Trish Nash, a resident of Henderson, Nevada, located near Las Vegas.

Nash spent hours trying to figure out where this noise was coming from in her Henderson home before discovering a group of insects made their way into her vent, garage, and laundry room.

“So what I did was contact a pest control company and I asked them what their thoughts were about this and they explained that it’s nothing they really can do,” she said, “You can’t control them with a service because they’ll continue to come.”

Sightings aren’t just limited to Henderson. Nevada residents report seeing these insects in Summerlin, Mountains Edge, Centennial Hills, North Las Vegas and the Thomas and Mack parking lot at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Could Las Vegas see another infestation? Field biologist Marija Minic said it’s possible.

“I think 2019 was a different year because it was a lot drier, Minic told KLAS. “We had more monsoons this year, more rains so I don’t honestly believe it’ll be that bad, but it could get worse.”

Minic said readily available food sources grasshoppers feed on like other smaller insects and plants are keeping them thriving, along with a change in climate conditions. She said don’t be surprised if you continue to see grasshoppers stick around.

With a short lifespan, grasshoppers, locusts and crickets are also food sources for birds and lizards.

Minic said these insects are harmless, adding that if you come across them, it’s best to leave them alone.