Tyler, Texas, (KETK)–It was a weird day for some folks in Tyler today.

While testing out some new equipment for a roofing company the workers found a surprise on their own roof, a stray dog had come to greet them.

It was just another tuesday at Avco Roofing, a crew was out videoing a new way of disposing roof shingles when suddenly a dog appeared.

The crew stood baffled and even cracked a joke that the dog was a “roofer.”

“We all sort of did one of these…and like what, and we were pointing at it and then we were looking around like ‘is this a joke?’ like where is this dog coming from,” said Eric Macintosh, product developer.

It turns out the dog had climbed a ramp, jumped across at least two other roofs and eventually got stuck near where the roofers were working.

“Yeah, hardcore parkour,” said Macintosh.

“Bark-our” perhaps would be a more accurate description.

To make sure the confused doggo was okay without risking scaring it off the roof, they took out a drone for a birds-eye-view.

“Definitely not something we see every day, we’ve seen a lot of weird things on roofs you know weird holes and tears and damages, dogs? No that’s not very normal,” said Chris Rollins, media director and drone pilot.

Eventually animal control and the fire department came hoping they could get the frightened canine down safely.

“They were trying to figure out how to get the dog to trust them and come near to them,” said Macintosh.

But the dog had other plans.

As it turns out, they were dealing with quite the athlete.

“He jumped back three feet up onto the other section of roof, shimmied along went down onto another section of roof, jumped back across onto the other building, down that roof and onto the ground,” said Macintosh.

The day resumed but everyone carried on with a smile knowing full well it will be story to share for years to come.

“Yeah, this is going to be one of those stories that any time a new employee comes, ‘oh you weren’t here when the dog got stuck on the roof’,” said Rollins.

“Very very very eventful day, never seen anything like this,” said Macintosh.

After getting off the roof the dog ran off toward some houses.

Somewhere the dog is likely smiling knowing he pulled the best bamboozle of the day.