Big Wood Springs bridge fails for the third time


In early March, people living in the private community of Big Wood Springs near Winnsboro were cut off from the main road after their bridge washed out and roads leading around the lake were in poor conditions. 

Then, a couple weeks later, things were looking up. The Big Wood Springs committee got the money for the repairs after raising around $6,500 and receiving a $10,000 loan from a Minnesota couple who live in the area during the winter months.

Tri-County Construction out of Mount Vernon, Texas, started work.

“The day that you were out here filming, it washed out four days later,” said Big Wood Springs Treasurer Janet Edwards.

After the first repair, residents said the company told them they had made a mistake.

“We should’ve put the larger culvert on the lake side to take the brunt of the water, so he said ‘I’ll re-do it,'” said Edwards.

But, during the second repair, Edwards said all the company had was a used culvert to replace the smaller new one.

“When they got done, and had it rained just a few days later again and it was totally gone and that culvert is what collapsed,” she said.

Residents said Tri-County Construction is now refusing to answer their phone calls.

“He’s not standing behind his guarantee that he made to us,” said Big Wood Springs resident Pete Mellenberger. “That’s one of the reasons that we hired him because he was in our budget. He promised he would stand behind his word, which he did a couple times, but after that he said no, he’s not going to come back out anymore.”

“‘Cause he said he won’t go into his pocket and fix it,” added Edwards. “Well, he guaranteed it would stand and he knew it was water coming from a lake with great force.” 

KETK called Tri-County Construction and left a message with the owner, but as of Monday we have not heard back. 

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