CAMPAIGN CONTROVERSY: Henderson ISD school board candidate claims opponent stole his political signs, vandalized truck


HENDERSON, Texas (KETK)- As school board candidates begin their campaigns, one Henderson ISD member was charged with criminal mischief, after a school board opponent claims “Jonathan Earl Best” paid someone to steal his campaign signs and slash his tires.

Part of campaigning means getting your face out there and making sure people know your name as they drive by, but the Duey’s say while they signed up for the race, what they didn’t sign up for is to be a target.

“Brittany’s been involved in the PTO organization, she ran it last year, I’ve been going up and doing watchdogs, we’re involved in athletics, little league, and soccer,” said Adam Duey.

Already an active member in the community, it was to no surprise when Adam decided to run for the Henderson ISD school board, District 5.

“We both have a philanthropic background, we both have done volunteering in our past even before we had kids. So, I think it’s just something we enjoy and its something we care about,” says Brittany, Adam’s wife.

However, neither of the Duey’s knew how hard the campaign would be, explaining how everything was fine until signs started disappearing.

“It was suspicious because we see to her signs are up advertising different businesses,” explained Adam.

The Duey’s claim a neighbor caught pictures of a young man stealing signs from his yard, using a home system video camera.

The Duey’s said investigators were able to identify the suspect and through questioning, the suspect named Jonathan Best, a fellow candidate, as the person who paid him to steal the campaign signs.

A document obtained by the Henderson Justice of the Peace explained that Jonathan Best paid a 17-year-old boy $40 to steal the signs.

However, the Duey family says it didn’t end there.

While out at a football game, the Duey family woke up the next morning to find a tire had been slashed with what they believe to be a knife.

“So at that point, I went okay, well, I couldn’t have driven it home like this, somebody did this,” said Adam.

After getting the tire fixed, the Duey’s say there was another problem when the car suddenly died.

Not knowing what was wrong, they took it to a mechanic, who called with troubling news.

“They called me and tell me, it’s got sugar, it’s got sugar in the gas can, and was topped off with water,” explained Adam.

Upon further questioning, the teen went into details of how Best paid him an additional $100 to slash Adams’s tires and put a handful of sugar in his gas tank.

With suspicious crime happening around them, Brittany believes it’s hitting too close to home.

“That’s a very uneasy and scary feeling when you have kids, and even if you don’t have kids, but especially when you have small kids in the house,” said Brittany.

Wanting to make a difference, the Duey’s didn’t expect it would come at a price.

“Disbelief, just straight-up stunned, disbelief that for an unpaid school board position, that something like would ever even… that someone would even think of it, let alone do it,” said Adam.

While the family says the whole experience has been stressful, it’s worth it to stay involved in their children’s school.

KETK reached out to Jonathan Best for comment who said he would comment, but his lawyer is advising against it.

The Henderson ISD election is set to take place on November 5th.

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