LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK)- CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System hosted their annual Hot Car Demonstration today, showing the community just how quickly temperatures can become deadly if a child is left inside.

They showed this by placing a doll and a thermometer in the backseat of a car. The beginning temperature was taken when the car was on, cooled by air conditioning, making the inside 77 degrees. Then they turned the car off and left it off for ten minutes before coming back and rechecking the temperature.

Just ten minutes after the first reading, the temperature was above 100 degrees.

Each year more than two to three dozen kids die after being left in hot cars. Medical Director of CHRISTUS Northpark Emergency Department, Doctor Faber White says these tragedies often happen because of forgetfulness or a change in routine.

“You may have one parent that usually takes the child to school, something happens and the other parent takes the child to school, and they just forget that they are in the back of the car,” says White. “Unfortunatly, these are the most helpless among us and they simple are not able to help themselves get out of the car. So it is really important to remind ourselves about everything going on in our vehicles.”

If you do see a child left alone in a hot car immediately call for help. According to the Texas Penal Code, a child be at least seven-years-old to be left alone in a car. Leaving a child unattended is a Class C misdemeanor.