TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The rise in fuel prices not only affects businesses’ revenue, but it is also hurting those trying to keep us safe and companies making deliveries.

Co-owner of J.J. Spencer Transport Donna Williams said the higher prices are affecting the cost of maintenance, tires and even batteries for their trucks. For the first in years the company took a loss in January.

“We just have to make adjustments and figure out ways to prevent it going forward, being smarter about the way we do the maintenance and seeing what caused and making sure that we are doing things in the most cost affective ways,” said Donna Williams, co-owner J.J. Spencer Transport.

Now they are faced with trying to figure out how much they will absorb, and how much it will affect their customers.

“Now we are focusing on maintaining where, normally, you would think about growing. Now it’s maintaining, keeping what we have and taking care of the people we have and the customers that we have,” said Williams.

Easton Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief says they need help more than ever.

“You know our members get up, they get up at all hours of the day and night, they leave family gatherings, athletic events, church or any other time to go and help their community or other departments, and they do it because they love their community,” said Larry Kellams, Assistant Fire Chief.

Now they aren’t sure how they will be able to get to their next fire, as fuel cost go up, without asking for donations.

“They can give directly to the department. Either cash donation or check… those two ways could help an awful lot,” said Kellams.

The only thing they can do is figure out how to keep riding the wave of higher cost and keep their companies open because the price of fuel is affecting everyone no matter how big or small. Even delivery drivers for Uber Eats or Waitr are struggling to make a profit.