MARSHALL, Texas (KTAL) – The Marshall Police Department is letting the public know what to do in case they see a coyote in their neighborhood.

Over the weekend, officials got calls about a coyote sighting during the daytime in the Southern Manor neighborhood off Highway 80.

Residents in the area say: that’s a sight they’re not used to seeing.

Officials said coyotes do not pose a threat to humans and are probably just looking for something to eat.

But just in case:

  • keep small dogs, cats and children away from them
  • do not go outside and shoot at the animal
  • instead use loud noises like yelling or an air horn to scare them away

“People really need to be aware that if you fire any type of weapon in the city limits you’re responsible for every bullet, every arrow, a bolt from a cross bow. You personally have a great deal of responsibility based on what you’re doing there. So we recommend probably try the loud noises first get it to run off. But just to walk outside in a neighborhood and start shooting is not only against city ordinance but it’s very dangerous,” said Lt. Len Ames, Marshall Police Department.

Police said Animal Control set a trap for the one spotted over the weekend, but believe they are smart and don’t usually fall for them.

They believe this one had mange which can change their normal behaviors and body temperature and led to coyotes coming out during the day instead of night.

For more information about coyotes and what to do if you see one, visit the website Atlanta Coyote Project.