HARRISON COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Two people were arrested Sunday night in Harrison County after the sheriff’s office said they responded five times in one week to neighbor complaints of the two “using meth and wreaking havoc throughout the RV park.”

Officials said on Sunday they received a complaint the two, identified as Bryan Kaye, 35 of Marshall, and Michelle Kethley, 39 of Longview, “were once again” high and causing a disturbance.

Deputies at the scene reportedly found that one of them had driven their car to the neighbor’s house.

“While speaking with Michelle and Bryan, it was observed that both were under the influence of narcotics,” the sheriff’s office said. “While looking at their car, there was an assortment of prescription medication not in the bottle that were in plain view.”

Kaye was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct before he was released the next day with time served. Kethley was arrested for public intoxication and possession charges related to suspected meth and Xanax pills the sheriff’s office said were found in her car and she admitted to possessing.

Her bond was set at $28,000.