BOWIE COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – A mother, her boyfriend and her daughter have been arrested for an alleged assault on the 3700 block of Magnolia Street in Bowie County.

The incident happened on Feb. 23 around 2:30 a.m. when, according to Texarkana Police Department, Ashley Sprayberry, 40, her boyfriend John Thompson, 41, and her daughter Madison Sprayberry, 20, allegedly assaulted two people with brass knuckles and a baseball bat.

According to officials, the victims said the three pulled up to the Magnolia Street property and an argument started soon after.

Authorities said that Madison allegedly jumped onto one of the victims, kicked them while they were on the ground and hit them with what the victim thought was brass knuckles.

Around the same time, officials said that Thompson had allegedly struck another victim in the face with a baseball bat multiple times. According to authorities, the victims said that Ashley had driven both of them there and was allegedly laughing while they were being beaten.

Both Sprayberry women and Thompson allegedly thought that one of the victim’s had taken property from the Sprayberry’s residence, officials said.

Officials said both victims were badly hurt and needed stiches to their heads and face. Arrest warrants for the Sprayberry women and Thompson’s were issued and they were arrested at their home on March 2.

The three were booked into Bi-state Jail and each of their bails were set at $100,000.