HOUSTON (KETK) – Five people were injured in a shooting at a popular nightclub in Houston on Thursday.

The shootout happed at Spivey’s Famous Bistro in the 3000 block of Blodgett St. around 1 a.m., reported our NBC affiliate KPRC.

Four men and the club bouncer were shot. Police initially received a call about a fight that later turned into a shooting.

Law enforcement arrived at the scene and noticed the club bouncer had been shot in his hand. He was transported to the hospital by the Houston Fire Department.

One of the other victims was shot in their pelvis and another was shot in the finger, said police. The rest of the men were taken to local hospitals in a private vehicle.

There was a fight inside of the club, then people went outside and took out guns and started shooting, said law enforcement.

There was a biker event happening at the club. Also, all of the victims are in their 30’s and should survive the shooting.