WASHINGTON D.C. (KETK) – In the latest release of videos from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot last year, multiple clips show Longview native Ryan Nichols filming himself during the attack calling for further violence and to “cut their heads off.”.

Nichols is facing roughly one dozen charges from the attack along with his friend Alex Harkrider, a Carthage native. Harkrider has been out on bond since April and has been keeping to his pre-trial restrictions. He has been granted exceptions on multiple occasions to continue volunteer work in areas hit by natural disasters, most recently in Kentucky after their tornado outbreak in December.

However, Nichols was denied pre-trial release due to the extensive planning he put into the riot as well as strong video evidence of him spraying police officers with some kind of chemical and directing other people at the Capitol to violence.

Multiple videos were filmed by Nichols where he stated that Jan. was the beginning of the second American revolution, him supporting violence and that he wanted to “cut [politicians] heads off.

“If you voted for treason, we’re going to drag your ass through the streets.”

Both Harkrider and Nichols have rejected plea deals from federal prosecutors. Given the overwhelming video and social media evidence the two left behind, it’s unclear what their defense in court would be.

A 20-page Department of Justice arrest warrant lists out in great detail how the two planned on storming the Capitol for weeks and how they posted several times to social media bragging about the riot.

In one photo, the two men are standing in front of a shattered window at the Capitol, saying “We ain’t done yet! We just got started!”

The duo will be back on March 24 for their next status hearing. They are currently scheduled to go on trial in Washington D.C. in late July.