TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A man was arrested in East Texas Saturday for allegedly violating several federal laws during the Capitol riot Jan. 6.

Driver’s license photo of Daniel Adams

According to a criminal complaint by the U.S. Department of Justice, Daniel Page Adams was taken into custody for assaulting a federal officer, obstructing law enforcement, knowingly entering or remaining on restricted grounds without lawful entry, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Adams was arrested with a man who law enforcement officers believe is his cousin, Cody Page Carter Connell of Louisiana. The case was supported by evidence posted to Connell’s Facebook page during the Capitol insurgency.

Police were able to identify Adams by referencing the videos on social media beside his driver’s license photo from Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Connell was identified using his driver’s license photo as well as his Facebook profile photo.

A photo found on social media that appears to show Connell and Adams posing in Washington, D.C. Connell was identified based on his tattoos and face, circled in red on the photo.

A witness provided photographs and videos to law enforcement and identified both Connell and Adams. In one video, Connell wrote “They tear gassing us.” The video shows Connell and Adams surrounded by other rioters, covering their faces as if to shield themselves from tear gas.

In another video obtained by law enforcement, Adams and Connell appear to be pushing their way past Capitol Police.

At the beginning of the video, Adams is directly in front of a line Capitol Police officers standing guard, saying to those around him, “Let’s go. Are you ready to push?” Adams starts yelling, “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” as he and others appear to sprint up the Capitol steps, chasing the officers who are now repositioning themselves at the top of the stairs.

The video then shows Adams physically engaging with another set of officers at the top of the steps. The clip ends with a loud thud and Adams holding his head and uttering an expletive.

Connell later said in a social media conversation that his cousin was clubbed and shot with a rubber bullet.

According to social media records, Connell described the events in a conversation on social media the day after the riot.

“4 of us breached the cops blockade and us same 4 breached the Capitol,” Connell wrote.

After apparently sending a video to the same individual, Connell explained further.

“That’s my cousin. When we stormed the cops there was 8 of them and 4 of us so he got clubbed and shot with rubber bullet. But we pushed the cops against the wall, they dropped all their gear and left. That’s when we went to doors of Capitol building and breached it.”

The other individual responded, “Yall boys something serious lol it lookin like a civil war yet?” Connell answered: “It’s gonna come to it.”

Many have been arrested since the riot at the Capitol Jan. 6 during the election certification. Protesting supporters of President Donald Trump breached the Capitol during the joint session, causing a lockdown of lawmakers and staff inside.

It was later revealed that two pipe bombs were found on the grounds and at least five people died. The United States Department of Justice has an ongoing list of defendants charged in federal court related to crimes committed at the Capitol on Jan. 6.