HENDERSON, Texas (KETK) – Meth, cocaine and marijuana are some of the usual substances seized in an East Texas drug bust, but the distribution of promethazine is now on the rise in the area.

A Henderson police officer recently made a routine traffic stop and found 35 bottles of promethazine worth almost $32,000.A person was also arrested due to the incident, and they are still at the Rusk County Jail.

Promethazine is a drug that is commonly mixed before being sold.

Each bottle has a street value of $800 to $1,000.

Henderson police officer Kevin Bisnette made the recent discovery.

“Oh this year yeah, this is the most that I’ve gotten this year on a traffic stop,” he said.

East Texas law enforcement are seeing a surge in different local communities.

“We’ve actually started seeing a rise with promethazine here lately, with different agencies here in East Texas and South Texas, said Bisnette.

First responders added, the drug has been around for years.

“It’s starting to make a big comeback now,” said Jon Randolph, Mount Enterprise Marshal.

Because of this, the Henderson Police Department and the Mount Enterprise Marshal created a task force to stop drug movement in the area. They are focusing on promethazine.

“Those three cases that I got they were actually on their way to a pharmacy, so they were stolen off of a pharmaceutical truck,” said Bisnette.

He also said the drugs were on their way up north to states like Illinois and Michigan. The problem is what happens along the way.

“It’s landing in our smaller cities, in between and it’s saturating these smaller areas because they’re good hubs for them to stash those narcotics and stuff like that,” stated Bisnette.

When these substances get into cities, children can become the prime targets.

“You know, parents just need to really watch their kids. If you know, they come home real lethargic acting and stuff like that, it’s something they need to look into,” said Bisnette.

He also mentioned he wants to stop promethazine before it takes control of our community.

“You’re having people overdose on the daily. You’re having people you know, get addicted to it. This stuff is horrible,” said Bisnette.

Promethazine is typically found in your prescription cough syrup. When mixed with other drugs it is known for its tranquilizing and euphoric effects.