GLADEWATER, Texas (KETK) – Sgt. Jason Smith and Officer Jairo Arteaga of the Gladewater Police Department have been awarded the opportunity to wear the Lifesaving Bar after they saved a man from dying because of an overdose in a grocery store restroom.

On Nov. 10, at approximately 6:30 p.m., Smith was dispatched to a local grocery store after getting word of an unconscious man in the store’s restroom.

Once Smith arrived, he observed all the clues of a heroin overdose, blue toned skin from the lack of oxygen, and aspirating with every breath, according to the Gladewater Police Department. Smith then immediately requested that officers bring NARCAN to neutralize the heroin. Smith was then advised that no other unit had NARCAN.

Officer Arteaga entered the restroom so that Smith could go retrieve the NARCAN and started using a sternum rub on the man which ultimately did not cause any response. So, as Arteaga waited for Smith to return, he started doing chest compressions.

Smith returned with the NARCAN and administered one dose in the nose of the subject while Arteaga continued chest compressions.

After a few minutes the subject began to start breathing easier and regaining his natural color. The subject was transported to the hospital and treated for the drug overdose.

“Let it be known to all that from this day Sgt. Jason Smith and Officer Jairo Arteaga shall be awarded and eligible to wear the lifesaving bar as a symbol for their selfless dedication to the citizens of Gladewater.”

Gladewater Police Department

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