TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A 16-year-old who was involved in an alleged hit and run on Oct. 30 has been sued to recover “significant losses,” according to a press release from the McGuire Firm.

According to a press release, Noah Mireles was run over by a vehicle in Tyler, after leaving a Halloween party dressed up as an inflatable dinosaur. Mireles had to spend several days in the hospital, according to the press release.

After the hit-and-run accident, Mireles’s parents said they wanted to find out who hit their son.

The incident was initially reported to the police but then Mireles’s family did their own investigation and found the vehicle at a Tyler auto glass repair shop.

“Made a list and started going one by one to all of the glass companies, and body repair shops and her search ended at one particular glass company,” said Jony Mireles, father of Noah Mireles.

According to the press release, Mireles’s family told the police what they had found and this eventually led to the alleged suspect turning herself in.

“You want to safeguard your kids no matter what their age is. You want to always jump in and help out,” said Jony Mireles.

Mireles’s family is represented by Shane McGuire and they are suing the alleged suspect to “recoup the significant losses he incurred as a result of being run over,” according to a release from McGuire’s office.

McGuire said the family drove around town looking for a car with damage, matching the description.

“Never underestimate parents who are motivated to help their kid,” said Shane Mcguire, attorney.

Tyler Police Department did confirm that a 16-year-juvenile has been charged with accident involving injury in relation to this case.

“It is unconscionable for someone to run over a young man, causing significant injuries, and simply drive away without at least calling for medical help,” Shane McGuire said. “Noah now has not only expensive medical bills and the need for ongoing treatment but also the pain and horror of being left for dead on the side of the road,” he added.

Mireles’s family thanked the Tyler Police Department for their help in this process. Noah Mireles said he’s lucky to be alive and thankful for the people in his life.

“I’m just really happy to know I have people there for me, and have my back, looking out for me, you know searching, and you know giving it their all to find out who did this to me,” said Noah Mireles.

“So on Monday, the defendants in the case filed an answer denying liability going forward we are going to have to take depositions and do extensive discovery before we bring this case to trial,” Shane McGuire, Noah Mireles’ attorney.

Mireles is at home and still receiving medical treatment. He also has an extensive physical therapy process in front of him.

“Physical scars will heal in time, but I know the emotional stress and everything that he is going through right now is weighing pretty heavy on him,” said Jony Mireles.

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