HENDERSON COUNTY, Texas (KETK) — Two Henderson County horse caretakers were arrested Sunday after being charged with 34 counts of animal cruelty.

According Sheriff Botie Hillhouse, the department received information on Friday evening alleging that a number of horses were possibly being starved at a property near County Road 3800, with one on the verge of death. According to authorities, when an Animal Control deputy responded to the call, he discovered that three of the horses had already died and several others were in serious condition.

The individuals who were being paid to house and take care of the horses were identified as Auben Stenovich and Cody Phelps, both of whom have been charged with 34 counts each of animal cruelty. Phelps has been specifically charged with torture of the animals, while Stenovich has been charged with physical abuse, according to judicial records.

Hillhouse also said that the responding deputy worked in conjunction with the owner of the horses to remove the surviving 31 horses from the property. Stenovich and Phelps were arrested on Sunday and booked into the Henderson County Jail.