HOUSTON (KETK) – A man accused of leading police on two car chases and stabbing a K-9 officer has now been charged with the murder of his father, according to our NBC affiliate KPRC.

26-year-old Ryan Smith was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Waller County outside of Houston by DPS Troopers.

KPRC reports that he was bonded out of jail on Sunday by family members after allegedly stabbing a police dog. The next day, they searched his father’s home because the family had not heard from him or Smith.

Police say the initial search by family did not turn up anything concerning other than Smith leaving his phone behind, which was unusual. Officers went to search the house again and found Smith in a car that belonged to his father.

The report states that Smith drove off and was quickly followed by officers. The chase ended in a crash, but Smith was able to get away after running from the scene.

On Tuesday, officers found Smith’s father in the garage dead from “not natural causes,” according to investigators. Police said that the father’s body was hidden in a place family members may not have seen when they looked through the home.

Smith is facing new charges of murder and evading arrest.