HOUSTON (KETK) – A husband and wife were found stabbed to death in Houston Tuesday evening and local police believe that it was their adult son who committed the killings.

Officers responded to a neighborhood in north Houston just off I-25 around 9:30 p.m. When they arrived, they found the victims with multiple stab wounds.

According to our NBC affiliate KPRC, a SWAT team was called in after they heard noises in the back of the house and thought the suspect might still be there.

While the house was being cleared, a report came in of a car crash on a freeway nearby. The victims’ son, whose name was not released, was involved in the crash and also had a stab wound.

The suspect is being held at a local hospital and investigators are in contact with the local District Attorney’s office to determine what charges will be filed.

The building where the stabbings occurred has a sign out front that reads “Psychic Readings” but investigators believe the structure is a private home.