LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — A former Longview police lieutenant who was arrested by the FBI and accused of attempting to engage minors in sexual activity online was released from jail on a conditional order and has been ordered to house arrest, according to court documents.

Seth Vanover was released from the Smith County Jail on Thursday in the custody of a family member. According to the conditions of his release, Vanover was ordered to home incarceration which restricts him to a 24-hour lockdown except for court approved activities.

In addition to house arrest, Vanover was ordered to comply with location monitoring technology and standard sex offender conditions for release.

Under the sex offender conditions of release, Vanover cannot possess any internet device or have contact with anyone using the internet without approval. He must also submit to the probation office installing monitoring software on his devices.

Vanover was ordered to appear in court in the middle district of Florida, where the charges are pending, before U.S. Magistrate Judge Barksdale on Oct. 24 at 2 p.m., to answer those charges.

Officials with the City of Longview said the police department was contacted on Tuesday regarding a criminal investigation involving one of the department’s peace officers.

According to a criminal complaint filed by the FBI, Lieutenant Seth Vanover, using the username “jjdad36” on a social media app, contacted an undercover special agent who was based in Florida and began engaging with them through private messages in 2020.

The agent’s account was designed “to identify and target adult individuals who were seeking to make contact with and engage in illegal sexual activity with minor children.”

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