Editor’s Note: Some viewers may find the story below disturbing.

LUFKIN, Texas (KETK) – Lufkin Police have released the identity of the man killed in an officer-involved shooting and more information about the incident.

52-year-old Anthony Cravo of Cypress, Texas was killed early Tuesday morning after officers say he held two men hostage in a mobile home.

Officers were called to a pair of mobile homes in the 900 block of North Chestnut Street just before midnight. A man reported that Cravo had “used the butt of a 9mm carbine rifle to beat a man and rob him of a cellphone, wallet and keys.”

The victim then pointed officers to a mobile home on the backside of the property where they said the suspect might be located.

The two hostages were taken into a mobile home before officers arrived on scene, a release from Lufkin PD said. Officers said Cravo assaulted one of the men, causing severe facial injuries. Hostages told officers that they did not know Cravo and the home did not belong to him.

Officers found the front door of the mobile home to be open, but draped with a sheet.

Lufkin PD released a portion of the officer’s body camera footage that showed the shooting. He knocks on the open door and one of the men being held hostage says “Come in, come in.”

The officer responds to the man to come out and talk with him instead.

Seconds later, Cravo emerged with a rifle still in his hands. Upon seeing the uniformed officer, Cravo raised the gun as if to shoot the officer.

The officer then fired two shots at the man.

Cravo was taken to an unspecified hospital out of town where he later died. The shooting is now under investigation by the Texas Rangers, which is standard procedure.

Police Chief David Thomas also released a video statement with the body camera footage where he said that the investigation is still “in its early stages.”

Thomas said that releasing the body camera was part of “an ongoing effort of transparency.” They posted the footage to their Facebook page as well as sending it to local media outlets.